Mens Ministry

GOD’S 318 – A Christian Mentoring Program for Men

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to intentionally produce and connect godly men as they develop a personal relationship with God through the help of mentors to implement the teachings of Jesus Christ our Lord. 

(Note: to achieve this mission, we recognize that “Blast Zones” affect our character and those around us, so we must be very diligent in our effort to produce godly men).  We will achieve the Vision through accomplishing the Mission Statement below

Mission Statement

God’s 318 Mentoring Program designed to help men become aware of their purpose and value in the world.  Consequently, these men will discover their individual purpose, as we equip them to accomplish their God-given roles.  Ultimately, godly men will produce other godly men to lead in our families, churches, and communities.  God’s 318 will offer hope for the ills of our society.


We will build trust, encourage each other, set attainable goals, and be accountable for our actions to one another.

We will gain commitments to study Biblical principles, comprehend those principles, and ultimately share those principles with other men.

We will seek to fulfill the ministry God has given us to repair the damage around us.